Reply To: Building a new Thor in Australia!


    Today I was able to make the belt work so that’s awesome. I still have problems with Articulation 2, the gears of the motors seem to not grab the wall indentations of the 8-shaped piece. Even if I put them at the very top of the shaft of the motors, they just keep skipping the dents and the articulation ends up doing nothing. Since I’m using Thor to complete a Capstone project, I’m gonna set static articulation 2 and work with the rest. Articulation 2 and 3 have taken a lot of time to put together. I strongly recommend you to match the diameter of the shaft of your motors, do not drill the bore of your pulleys… you will lose time and it’s, mechanically speaking, not good. Always use a grinder for your rods. Don’t waste your time using sanding paper. It’s not accurate and most of the time the end result is not proper.