Reply To: Random homing fail

Angel LM

    Hi SerialBuilder!

    Sorry for the late reply, I was on my vacations hehe

    When I started to build it, I had issues with the Art4 which was moving a lot due to slack but I found this and it fixed it perfectly. I would recommend to add it to the mod folder to be easier to find 😉

    Yeah, I forgot to add them to the mod folder. I’ll try to add it ASAP. Thanks for the reminder!

    Regarding my issue, I have randoms homing failure. Is there any way to know more about the failure?

    I’m not very sure what is happening. To discard some common issues, please check that your $$ settings match with the ones listed in the Firmware Documentation.

    Don’t you think it’s weird to have only 3A drawn?

    Do your motors skip steps or not move at all when they should? In my experience when the robot is holding the maximum load it can handle, the current drawn is something between 7A and 8A.