Reply To: Hello from Poland

Bartek Rachwal

    Hello Angel

    Finally we come back to our robotic arm… It spent some time on shelf mainly due to lack of enough powerful power supply. During tests, arm works well but sometimes during start, current peak was too high and our power supply cut off and thor arm felt down spectacuraly.
    Now power source problem is solved and we come back to this project. With more powerful power supply, all movements of robotic arm seems to be OK and missing gripper has been already stared to print. We are controling of this robot by serial port monitor in IDE Arduino environment and it works by simple commands G0 or G1 – just as you explain on your webside but controling it in that way, it seems to be impossible to prepare a sequence of operations (or just I don’t know how to achieve this).
    And here is my question:
    Does it possible to prepare a sequence of i.e. G0 commands and run such sequence to achieve several movements one by one (as we can see in your old movie when thor moves Rubik’s cube)?

    Thank you in advance for any feedback

    Best regards