Reply To: FIRMWARE for single layer PCB problem


Hello Angel, Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my late reply.
I have done printing and assembling Thor, and the PCB works good.
I am working with my team on a control software using MATLAB-Simulink, allthing good but we need to know how you can calculate the Step per mm for each axis,
an how the stepper works depends on step per mm and in reality its moves rotationally( i thinks its about the grbl and how its works but can you explain), am experienced in 3D printing and know that the step per mm is for linear motion, so please help us in calculating the true value for each axis with no micro-stepping.

and for the mechanical design of the robot, why did you choose these kind of printed gears in each axis, and how we can find the specifications of each.
and can you advise us with which kinds of heading we can focus in mechanical analysis and mechanisms chapter.
We are a group of mechatronics engineers and THOR is our Graduation Project, thanks a lot for helping us.