Reply To: Asgard software serial port query


    Hello Angel,

    Thank you for the quick response its much appreciated.

    I used the example G code off your page(G0 A10 B45 C45 D-45 X15 Y5 Z-5) to move 1 stepper, because stepper is connected to PM1 I assume that A10 in the G code is the one that moves it. To get it to move again I input the same G code but change A10 to a higher figure (eg A30) and click send. this moves stepper a bit more.

    As for the Asgard, at the moment I have opened QT designer to then open the code and check for the (import serial_port_finder as spf). When gui.ui is loaded I then click on view code, but comes up with Unable to launch C:/python34/lib/site-packages/PyQt5/uic.
    However I did a windows search for uic and it came up with a lot of directories pointing to: C:\Users\colin\Downloads\WinPython-64bit-\python-3.4.3.amd64\Lib\site-packages\PyQt4

    It looks like it cannot see my PyQt5 directory at the moment so will investigate.

    I don’t know if I made any sense there as I don’t know how to program arduino or python but I just keep going with trial and error