Reply To: Programacion de articulaciones con mas de un motor

Angel LM

    I couldn’t help myself and have been thinking about this.
    I think the solution is as follows if we take into account the following sign convention for rotations:

    Thor semidifferential angles convention

    p1 represents the angle rotated by pinion 1.
    p2 represents the angle rotated by pinion 2.
    q5 and q6 refer to the angles of joints 5 and 6 respectively.

    I think these equations are correct:
    q5 = (p1-p2)/2
    q6 = r*(p1+p2)/2
    r = pinion teeths / crown wheel teeths

    I have obtained these equations by an empirical analysis of the problem and not by analyzing in depth the theory of the mechanism, so I could be wrong.

    I hope it helps!