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Angel LM

Yes, sorry for the confusion. The first PCB I designed for Thor project was a single-layer one, to be able to manufacture it with a DIY CNC. It was called v1.
Later I designed a 2 layer PCB for SMT components and called it v2. I don’t remember why or when I started refering to the 2 layer as v1 and the single layer as prototype. I think that is the origin of the confusion.

In short: The PCB of the ThorControlPCB repository is the latest one, the wiki of the Thor repository is outdated. The latest information and files can be found in this website 🙂

Hope it helps!

PD: I designed the PCBs using KiCAD software, following some tutorials of YouTube (I don’t remember which ones) and basing the design on the RAMPS 1.4 board.

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