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Angel LM

Hi all!

;currently tested (little by little
because I didn’t have much spare time right now…) and I have found at
least 3 bugs in the current design of the ControlPCB.
These bugs are easy to fix, but I’ll update the electronic design in order to have a bug-free PCB.

The bugs I have seen so far are:

  1. Solder
    pads for the Power and Switch terminal blocks are in the incorrect
    side. Quick fix: Solder it through the hole or applying some solder
    paste in the solder pad before introducing the terminal block.
  2. The
    Tool control pin is currently connected to the Mega’s pin 40 which is
    not a PWM pin. Quick fix: separate the Tool wire from the ribbon cable
    and connect it to a free PWM pin (for example: pin 7).
  3. LEDs are
    too bright. I have to check the values of the resistors since the leds
    are so bright that them can hurt the eyes. Specially the USB one. Quick
    fix: Probably a higher value of the led resistors will solve this minor

Except for that bugs, the PCB works well.

I will upload soon the fixes, the grbl version for this board aaaaaand a diagram of the PCB connections.

Best regards!