Reply To: Thor beginner question and connection

Angel LM

    Hi Tim!
    First of all sorry for the late reply, I didn’t receive the notification of this group…
    Your project sounds cool and I think that it could be achievable, but be careful about times! Building a Thor takes time: gather all the components, build it and test it can take months… If it is not a problem for you, go ahead!
    Thor uses GCodes sended by serial to move, so technically your bluetooth implementation is possible. I think that the only extra thing that you’ll need is a bluetooth adaptor for the Arduino Mega or another board with bluetooth connection that can send the commands via serial usb to the Arduino Mega (Something like an Arduino Uno with a bluetooth adaptor connected by serial to the Arduino Mega).
    The comunication for the movement is something between real time and sequence. In the moment you send a movement command the robot will start moving to the target position, but if the robot is moving when you send a movement command it won’t execute that command until it finishes the previous one.
    Hope it helps!Angel LM ;