Reply To: Introduction and Detailed Progress

Angel LM

    Hi Burcu!

    First of all, welcome to the Thor family officialy!
    I really like the purpose of your Thor, it’s the same reason I created and shared it 🙂 Feel free to ask!

    I’m looking to the photos attached to your post and I have a pair of suggestions:

    1. The power wire is a bit thin, it will limit the amount of current to the board. I would change it for a thicker one.
    2. I’m seeing that you short-circuited the switch connector, what can be done, but that thin wire will limit a lot the current given to the board. I would change it for a thicker one (the same thickness as the power wire).

    I’m using Ø0.5mm (cooper section) wires if it helps!

    About the missing Art2Pulley piece… I don’t know what piece is that one. I’m looking to your printed pieces photo and I’m only missing the Art1GearMotor, Art4 MotorFix, Art4BearingPlug and the Art56Interface.

    I’m sure you already know it but you got all the updates STL files at the stl folder at Thor’s github repo

    Hope it helps!

    Angel LM