Reply To: Axis gear ratio.


Thanks for the info, the 5 and 6 axis are a bit different… the movement is achieved moving 2 mottors at the same time.
When you move them on the same direction the 5th axis moves. There is a 40 teeth pulley connected to a 20 teeth pulley on the motor, so every 2 turns of the motor you get a turn on the little printed gearWhen you move them on oposite directions the 6th axis moves, so we have a 1/2 reduction from the pulleys + another 1/2 reduction betwheen the big gear and the leser one. The final ratio is 1/4 if you move them on oposite directions, so 4 turns per 6th axis rotation.

I am currently thinking how I can move the 5&6 axis at the same time using a syncrhonous movement… maybe I can apply the CoreXY formula but the different gear ratios for each axis make it a little confusing.