Reply To: A question about Asgard.


Hi, Angel
I will try to explain what Marta says in the first message.We downloaded Thor firmware and flashed it into an Arduino Mega following instructions in GRBL page:
Then installed in a laptop Python 3.6.5 with PySerial and PyQt5 libraries.Connected Arduino to laptop with a USB cable, opened Asgard and connected to the robot. Then, if we click on axis 1 or 2 adding 1º and pressing ‘Go’ the motors run about 90º.At this moment we do not have the electronics board yet, and we connected Arduino Mega to A4988 drivers directly using a proto board (just for testing purposes) We have connected 2 of them so far, using the pins declared in the cpu mapping file from the firmware. But as far as I know this shouldn’t be altering the way it works.Any idea?
Thank youRafael