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    Angel LM

    Dear Colleagues. Please help with the firmware for Thor. I just can’t start. The problems are as follows: taken from github grbl does not hold motors after changing angles. The efforts are too weak. The speed is too high – for example, at an angle of 30 Thor is 180. I ask you to lend your version of the firmware (I just need to get a command and so that the sensors work) or I ask you how to fix this error.

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    Richard Unger
    Maybe a problem with Microsteps/Step, or the number of steps in your motor?

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    Angel LM

    I know this reply will arrive very late, but I’ll answer it anyway just in case.First problem (motors not holding position) seems to me like the parameter $1 is not 255, as it should be. Probably the rest of the problems are about $$ parameters. Check this page of the Thor’s wiki where I posted my $$ settings so you can adjust yours!
    Best regards,Angel LM

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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