Reply To: 6DOF 3D print nozzle


Thanks for the reply Angel! I guess I do not know enough about firmware programming to do this myself, but it seems possible given that some companies and universities are doing this on a large scale. At a high level, if GRBL can be used for subtractive manufacturing toolpaths, couldn’t it also be used for following additive manufacturing toolpaths? Of course you would need to add an “extrusion” axis and “extruder temp” control for 3DP… but I’ve read about GRBL being used for 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machines so maybe that is possible. At basis it seems simple: slicer generates toolpath/extrusion parameters –> GRBL interprets toolpath instructions into servo kinematics –> servos move based on kinematic instructions. This should be the same for additive as it would be for subtractive manufacturing, no? I know there’s probably something I’m missing because my understanding is still surface level.