Reply To: 6DOF 3D print nozzle

Angel LM

    Hello Nexus!

    I have not seen anyone using Thor for 3D printing yet. If you are going down that road, let me warn you of a couple of things that can go wrong if you use this robot.
    The control firmware used for this robot is a modified version of GRBL. GRBL is a firmware designed for CNC machining machines, not for 3D printing, so you would need to adapt a 3D printing firmware (e.g. Marlin) to work with Thor’s configuration.
    On the other hand, trajectory generation would be a problem.
    Currently the programming of Thor’s movements are manual. I have not developed any specific trajectory generation software for Thor and I do not know if there is any that can be adapted to this robot.
    Even now, with GRBL I have complications to make straight lines with the robot, since the GRBL configuration allows me to configure the motors to start and end their movement at the same time, or for each of them to do it at the indicated speed, but so far I have not been able to ensure that you can make movements in a straight line only by entering a starting point and an end point.

    In short, you could use Thor to 3D print, but I think only the mechanics and electronics. But you would have to develop the control and trajectory generation part yourself.

    Obviously, if you decide to take the step, I’ll be happy to give you a hand if you need it!