Reply To: Homing fail


    Hey Angel,
    I actually adjusted the height of the arm rest and screwed it to the table in a position where the 2nd articulation reaches its end position, therefore that does’t slide and the 3rd articulation gently rests itself on the arm rest. The 5th articulation also rests on the extra piece you can see in the arm rest 3d model. I also added some foam to keep the arm from getting damaged.

    We did shoot lots of scenes with 3d scanning (I’ll let you know when we release it), but I also shot this short one for an IG story:
    Moving the arm very slow using G1 commands when scanning, so the scanner can keep up. 🙂

    Btw, I’m sometimes having a trouble with the articulation 2 skipping gears (when moving downwards). The driver vref is finetuned, shaft lengths and the gear positioning looks fine. Currently lowering the max feedrate of that articulation to find the sweet spot. Have any other recommendations to help me fix it?