Reply To: Homing fail

Angel LM

    How could I not like your workshop?! It’s like a dream come true for any maker! hahaha

    My 5th articulation also has a homing issue. It always homes to a different (sometimes 20-30 degrees off) angle. I believe it might be because of the wiggling that causes the optic endstop disk to give false positives, would this be a correct guess? I’m trying to hotfix this to finish the video, for now I just manually move it after homing.

    Do you mean the 4th Articulation? I had some issues with optic endstops until I painted the optic disks using black nail polish. These pieces were so thin that even though I printed them with black filament, at some points the light beam of the sensor managed to pass through the piece, causing some bad hommings. I think this issue is documented somewhere… Could be your case maybe?

    About the 5th and 6th articulation, I started imagining about a system where we could simply switch to a single stepper for the 5th (using a 10 to 20 pulley maybe?) and smack a servo to the middle of the Art56MotorCoverRing for 6th. This way 5th would be more stable and still can home, and you wouldn’t need to home the 6th since it’s now a servo. It would also decrease weight from the tip of the arm. It would only require changing a few of the parts in that module, so I might try this design at some point. If it works I’ll just fork the github and add all of the mods with the name Fat Thor.

    Sounds like a good solution! I hope to see that design done someday! 🙂