Reply To: Homing fail

Angel LM

    Regarding your video, woah! Your “fat” Thor looks amazing! I can’t really notice visually the difference of the added width in the pieces, but if it works it works!

    I’m not really sure about how it could be managed, but it would be nice to have your redesign available for other people in the same situation of being unable to find the steppers I used. Maybe you can do a fork in GitHub? Let me know if you like the idea!

    About your doubts:
    1. Yes, the zero position of Art56 is close to the endstop. I have to admit that it’s a bit confusing because real robots have the zero position in the most extended position… Maybe is something to add to the To-Do List hahaha.
    And, to be correct, it only does the home of the 5th articulation. I didn’t find an easy way to find the home position of Art6, so I do it manually :/
    2. About the stability of articulation 4… Yeah, it’s a known issue. I had to print several times the pieces that forms the bearing to get a close adjustment, and even with that it has a little play… In the endless To-Do List is noted to substitute that “custom” gear with a commercial one. Years ago, when I designed the robot I didn’t find a cheap bearing that could be fitted in that articulation, but recently I think I have seen some plastic bearings that could be used for that task.

    By the way… What a workshop you have! What envy! And that Iron Man armor… what a blast!

    I don’t know turkish, but you have a new subscriber! Can’t wait to see more videos! 😀

    PD: Whenever you want, post an image of your Thor, a location and an url to add your creation to the Worldwide Section 😉