Reply To: Introducing Andrea Aglietti

Angel LM

    Hi Andrea!

    Yay! Another builded Thor! 🙂

    Regarding the first question, I don’t really know if the GRBL version that I adapted years ago can work in Jog mode… GRBL v1.1 have that option. I’ll check it and see if I have to migrate to a newer version of GRBL!

    About the second question, I’m currently making a basic application to control Thor. It’s called Asgard and it’s available on this Github repo. It’s written in Python and Qt and it’s OpenSource, of course.
    At this very moment the aplication does nothing. (I only designed the Graphical Interface) but I hope that I’ll have a basic version of the program in the following days/weeks (just forward kinematics). Maybe I’ll open a thread here to keep the community updated about it.

    Best regards!
    Angel LM