Reply To: Introducing Andrea Aglietti


Hi Angel,
the robot is finaly working, all the things mounted and cabled and so on, electronics is ok and everything is fine. Now I’m making a simple interface in processing to control every joint of the robot separately; this is my first attempt but after I would like to implement a 3D model on the PC with the inverse kinematic in order to have a direct control of the robot in real time.
So I have two question:
– 1 with the grbl firmware you’ve uploaded on github and that I’m using is it possible to operate in jog mode? it would be great in order to have a joystick control style.- 2 do you have any piece of software already written and with open source license that you could provide to control the robot?
I’ve made my very first try using a Gcode sender (universal G code sender) and now I’m moving to the solution made in processing but maybe there is something already made that works fine and is open source.
Thank you very much,
Andrea A.